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We originally created this beer and food travels blog to document all the great places we try across the country on our work and personal travels. This idea quickly evolved into something new entirely as we were finding gaps in existing websites with no one up-to-date source for craft beer breweries and events. Being the entrepreneurial young couples we were, each of us with very diverse but useful talents such as web design, SEO, photography, social media & online marketing, clothing design, and more; so we decided to embark on launching a new home for local craft beer on the web. That is how LocalBrews.Beer was born!

We have been working tirelessly over the last few weeks and officially launched the site a few days ago; having already listed over 8,600 breweries in the United States along with countless beer events. We have goals of becoming the go-to place for everything craft beer in the coming year. The site is just in its infancy; we are adding new business, events, and offers every day. If you know of a place we have missed or are a business owner who wants to be listed/claim their brewery or shop please drop us a line at the site. See you soon!

The Beer Team
Mike, Sara, Erika, and Robert